How to Build a Micro SaaS That Makes Money & Earns Recurring Revenue

At Last! Discover How Any Software Developer Can Build a Profitable Micro SaaS In Just 60 Days.

This step-by-step academy shows you how to build, scale, and profit from your own micro software as a service (SaaS) product. 

Even if you don't have any product ideas, funding, or SaaS experience.  

So you can achieve financial freedom.

*Summer Sale - Limited Time Offer*

If you're not satisfied within 60 days of enrolling I'll refund 100% of every penny you paid.

PLUS... You still get to keep the 10 bonuses included in the academy (worth $500+).

"At first I was very skeptical about the course and what got me to buy it is the fact that there's a money back guarantee. When I looked at the headlines of the course I was pretty sure I'm going to spend 5 min on it and ask for my money back. 

I have to say I will not! I think that for the price that I paid you delivered!"

- Roee Cohen

"The Micro SaaS course has been incredibly helpful, with no unnecessary fluff.

Providing real-world applicable information that is far more useful than the book I'm reading on the subject."

- Carlos Nájera

"Enrolling in the Micro SaaS course was a great starting point for me as a tech professional. It gave me a strategic roadmap for planning Micro SaaS apps, a treasure trove of knowledge resources, and transformed my mindset into an entrepreneurial one. "

- Nguyen Van Duc

You have no idea what to do next...

And it's not from a lack of trying...

You have the programming skills and for months you've spent countless hours staring at a screen...

Trying to figure out how to start and build your own small software as a service product.

A business promising freedom, security, and the ability to work from any corner of the globe. 

You’ve brainstormed tons of ideas and you’ve even tried building a few products.

But still... You have no idea how to actually succeed.

Even if you could launch a product successfully.

The stats are not your friend...

98% of micro SaaS products end up failing.

And 9 out of 10 never make any money whatsoever.

Most micro SaaS products follow these steps...

  • Think of a cool idea.
  • Spend 6-12 months building a fully featured product with an amazing design. 
  • LAUNCH. The day is finally here! You can now start getting paying users. So you blast it across all your social media accounts.
  • Your response? No sales... 
  • BUT... Your product is "perfect" so you wait for things to work... 
  • Still. No customers sign up.
  • So you throw everything at the wall... You add more features.... You try paid ads.... You try blogging....
  • But still no customers
  • Weeks turn to months... But nothing seems to work. 
  • Eventually you turn the servers off. Not "giving up" but saving it for a later date when the market is actually ready for what you have to offer...

You start to wonder... How can I be the exception? 

How can I successfully start, launch, and make money from my own micro SaaS? 

What if there was a framework? A process? A complete program?

Let Me Introduce You To The Step-By-Step Micro SaaS Academy. 

Learn how to find and validate your micro SaaS idea, build an addictive product, and market your micro SaaS successfully to thousands of customers.

MODULE 1: SAAS IDEAS ($299 Value)

Discover how to find good product ideas and validate them quickly for any market.

Discover the 4 key pain point zones to build for.

How to think of and find micro SaaS ideas quickly.

How to take those ideas and validate them so you are building something people actually want.


The overall framework and steps you need to follow to get your product launched quickly.

Learn the MVP Launch framework that ensures you are building the right features for the right customers. Without being held up by perfectionism.

How to build addictive products that customers will love.

Learn how to build and upload a skeleton micro SaaS.

MODULE 3: PRICING ($199 Value)

What you need to know to actually make money.

How to create a bulletproof pricing plan so you are maximizing revenue with both small and large customers.

MODULE 4: MARKETING ($499 Value)

Find your marketing channels and use them effectively to get customers.

How to acquire customers quickly through free and paid traffic.

How to launch on Product Hunt and Reddit.

How to build an audience that trusts and buys from you.

MODULE 5: ANALYTICS ($249 Value)

How to measure your micro SaaS and customer interactions to create a high retention and low churn product. 

The only SaaS metrics you need to know.

How to implement customer tracking & analytics


Lean the best practices to run your business as a founder. 

How to run your customer service for maximum happiness and satisfaction.

How to automate and free up your time.

Looking for Example Content? 

View the first few course videos below! 

When You Access the Academy, You’ll Also
Get These 10 FREE Bonuses Worth Over $500!

Free Bonus #1: Micro SaaS AI Idea Generator ($99 Value)

Get unlimited access to our exclusive micro SaaS idea AI tool.

Free Bonus #2: Buyer Persona AI Tool ($99 Value)

Generate buyer personas effortlessly with unlimited access to our AI tool.

Free Bonus #3: 15 in Depth Micro SaaS Ideas ($49 Value)

Learn about each idea in detail including the  target audience and the key features needed.

Free Bonus #4: 50 Idea Validation Questions ($29 Value)

Discover exactly what your customers are looking for before you build your micro SaaS.

Free Bonus #5: Landing Page Conversion Tips ($29 Value)

The top tactics on how to convert your visitors into customers. 

Free Bonus #6: Social Media Prompt Cheat Sheet ($29 Value)

40+ prompts to help make organic content creation a breeze.

Free Bonus #7: SaaS Metrics Cheat Sheet ($29 Value)

Discover the key metrics that every micro SaaS needs to be successful. 

Free Bonus #8: 28 Reddit Threads to Launch Your SaaS ($19 Value)

Sneak into the top reddit threads to launch and gain traction.

Free Bonus #9: No Code Crash Course ($99 Value)

As a programmer, it's easy to disregard no-code. But in some cases it can be a great way to create an MVP. I'll teach you the basics so you can build unreasonably quickly. 

Free Bonus #10: 55 Micro SaaS Success Stories ($99 Value)

Learn the stories and the business models of some of the top SaaS businesses. 

*Summer Sale + 60-Day Money Back Guarantee* 

What Other Students Have to Say About the Academy

The course is extremely affordable, and you get tons of value from it. James goes above and beyond in explaining all the basics and nitty gritty details on how to come up with a viable idea, test it, build it, and profit from it. One of the best buys ever.

- Adam Smith

"If you are a solopreneur or you intend to start your entrepreneurial journey I think the micro SaaS course is the best investment you can make for yourself."

- Teslim A.

"I have this course. Jamie has a clear, helpful way of explaining things and the pacing is good. Very comprehensive"

- Jed Craig Jones

"Bought this course the other day and enjoying the content! It's great with a lean startup and idea validation mindset."

- Stefan Hyltoft

"hey thanks for great contents, I bought your training today, at the beginning i hestiated if i should buy or not since i could not found out much review around but i feel its worthy now."

- abdullayev.ilkin

"Real student here, this course is good. I recommend. Thought i finished the course to found out 3 months later he added more 10 chapters"

- Suebphatt

"I totally recommend this course!" 

- Razvan Popa

"It's not just about coding; it's about understanding the entire ecosystem of building a Micro SaaS business. Jamie Tam's insights address real questions and doubts I had about entering the Micro SaaS space, offering a 360-degree view of the subject."

- Lucas Miranda

"Enrolling in the Micro SaaS course was a great starting point for me as a tech professional. It gave me a strategic roadmap for planning Micro SaaS apps, a treasure trove of knowledge resources, and transformed my mindset into an entrepreneurial one. This course is a must for IT folks looking to transition into the world of Micro SaaS and break free from the 9-to-5 grind." 

- Nguyen Van Duc

"I got started on the first few videos. And I have to say, so far, really great quality for the cost. Much better quality than I expected anyway."

- Kofi Osei

"Really solid course mate, thank you!." 

- Mehta Pratik

"I've been a SAP Fullstack Software Developer for over 25 years from Switzerland, and have enjoyed the course and learned a lot of new things. If you are targeting to invest in yourself and have a new income, don't hesitate to start now." 

- Cengiz Türkoglu

"Your course has been very enlightening and helpful so far. Learnt so much in so little time"

- Indrajeet Ambadekar

"I've been through some of the videos and the content seems promising. Thanks for the effort of putting it all together."

- Jairo L.

Sounds Great… But Does Anyone Actually Make Money With Micro SaaS Products?





Hi my name is Jamie Tam

I started my first Micro SaaS at the end of 2019 right after quitting...

Back then it was just something I was going to use to build my resume for when I needed to get another “real job”.

But my micro SaaS kept growing and with that.

I invested more time into marketing, battling churn, and providing good support. Which lead to generating more revenue.

Fast forward to today.

  • I’ve made $428,092.32 in recurring revenue.
  • I’ve never hired a single employee. 
  • I work from home every day - no longer having to commute. 
  • I have the freedom to choose what I want to work on.
  • I get to provide my users with real value they happily pay for.

I’ve consumed countless books, articles, podcasts, and Youtube videos. While making tons of mistakes along the way.

And now I want to share everything I've learned with you.

More About Me

Do I Still Run My Own Micro SaaS Products?

I couldn't imagine not running them at this point!

They've honestly become part of my identity (I'll decide later if that's good me...)

I've included a screenshot of the dashboard for my main micro SaaS below.

It’s a profit analytics dashboard that takes me around 10-hours a week to run...

*Summer Sale + 60-Day Money Back Guarantee* 

"Do you have a guarantee?"

You Bet! We Have a 60-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Plus You Get to Keep All $500+ Worth of Free Bonuses.

60-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I want to make sure you're covered. Let me know within 60 days of enrolling and I'll refund 100% of every penny you paid. You also get to keep all $500+ worth of the 10 free bonuses!

This makes enrolling RISK-FREE.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a micro SaaS?

A software as a service (SaaS) business that is narrowed down by targeting a niche market, run by one person or a very small team, with small costs, a small but dedicated user base with no outside funding.

A micro SaaS is essentially a compact yet powerful software application that operates within a containerized environment in the Cloud. In simpler terms, it's a small-scale but robust software solution accessed through the internet.

Unlike traditional software you purchase outright, like Microsoft Office tools (Word, Excel, etc.), SaaS operates on a subscription basis. With SaaS, you rent the software to handle daily work tasks, streamlining processes with its efficient features. For instance, using Word eliminates the need for taking notes separately due to its smooth integration of note-taking capabilities.

This subscription model typically involves a "pay as you go" approach, where you only pay for the services you actively use. 

What format is the course content?

The course is primarily video content. Along with PDF resources.

How can I access the course?

This course is hosted on our own course website. You'll have lifetime access to all the content.

Will more content be added?

Yes, it will! This course is designed to be ongoing. Comment your video ideas during the course to get more content added. 

Will I have lifetime access to the course?

Yes, you will! 

When does the course start and finish?

The course is self-paced and you may take as long as you need to complete it. There is no time limit for completion.

How do I access the course materials?

Upon purchasing you'll receive a custom link to access our course software through email.

What equipment/tools will I need to complete the course?

You just need a computer with an internet connection. 

What if I am unhappy with the course?

I'm confident that you'll find great value in this course.

BUT, I understand that sometimes things don't work out as expected. 

If for any reason you're not satisfied with the course within the first 90 days of your purchase, simply contact me and I'll process your refund ASAP.

Do you need to raise money?

Nope, it is not recommended. This academy teaches you about building a bootstrapped SaaS with no external funding. 

I need a company invoice?

No problem! Just send me a message after your purchase with the details you need to add to your invoice. Then I'll send along a completed invoice with the required information. 

What language is the course in?

The course is recorded in English. There are also closed captions and subtitles available in English, Bulgarian, Indonesian, French, Hindi, Korean, Mandarin (Chinese) Portuguese, and Spanish. 

Captions in different languages can be created upon request.

How Much Will It Cost You to NOT Take This Course

If you take the worldwide average software developer salary of $50,000.

That’s around $24/hour. (assuming 40/hour work weeks)

If you spend 100 hours building a micro SaaS where you get:

  • No traction...
  • No customers...
  • No revenue...

And you have to move on to something else?

That’s a time cost of $2400.

(That’s not even including any ad spend or registration costs).

It is financially irresponsible for you to leave this page without picking up this course.

Not to mention it’s covered by our 60-day money making guarantee. Where I'll refund 100% of every penny you paid.

Plus you also get to keep all $500+ worth of the 10 free bonuses!

Who Is This Course For?

For programmers who are willing to follow the course, understand its concepts, and put in the work to build a revenue generating micro SaaS product.

Who Should NOT Buy This Course?

You've already built several successful SaaS products already. You'll already have the frameworks and tools you need.

Do You Need To Know To Program Or Code?

Knowing how to program will give you the greatest advantage in terms of speed and flexibility. A small part of this course does cover how to build a SaaS app with a no-code so you can test ideas quickly. However this academy is designed for programmers.

The Build a Micro SaaS Academy Lesson Plan

With 9 modules and 70+ videos of hands-on training, I'll take you from idea generation/validation to building and marketing your micro SaaS in just a short amount of time.


Section Intro [0:24]

4 Key Zones to Build For [6:43]

Idea Generation Frameworks [4:45]

Idea Generation Techniques [6:10]

Idea Inspiration [2:03]

Choosing a Niche and Audience [4:18]

You Don't Need to Change the World [1:46]

Cherry Pick Ideas from Communities [3:09]

Should you build a B2B vs. B2C SaaS? [5:30]


Section Intro [0:34]

What Is Idea Validation [1:19]

How to Do Keyword Validation [3:09]

How to Do Form Validation [4:05]

How to Do Payment Validation [2:41]

Get Traffic for Idea Validation [3:46]

Idea Validation Walkthrough [26:37]


Section Intro [0:18]

Why You Should Build Yourself [3:19]

Building In Public, Going Open Source, and Stealth Mode [4:46]

What Tech Stack Should You Choose? [1:44]

Building Addicting Products With The Habit Loop [2:30]

MVP Launch Framework [4:06]

Effective Product Onboarding [3:04]

Setting Up Recurring Subscriptions [3:25]

Setting Up Our Skeleton Micro SaaS [3:51]

Creating Our Frontend [6:27]

Styling Our Idea Generator [4:14]

Styling Our AI Responses [3:16] Creating Our Backend [9:30]

Connecting Our Frontend and Backend [6:04]

Connecting Our Frontend and Backend [Part 2] [8:39]

Building Our Navigation [8:20]

Creating Our Landing Page [16:23]

How to Host Micro SaaS [6:22]


Section Intro [0:18]

Pricing for Profitability [3:52]

Bulletproof Tiered Pricing [2:29]

Offering Free Trials [3:03]

The Dangers of Lifetime Deals [3:25]

Requiring Credit Cards Up Front [3:12]

The Importance of Annual Plans [2:05]

Don't Offer a Free Plan [2:41]



Section Intro [0:30]

How to Build an Audience [6:29]

Choosing a Marketing Strategy [7:19]

Free Vs. Paid Marketing [4:00]

Headline Copywriting [3:12]

Product Hunt Launch [4:51]

Reddit Launch [4:08]

Mastering Instagram Organic [7:20]

Mastering Youtube Organic Content [6:05]

Mastering TikTok Organic Content [2:46]

Setting Up a Blog [3:24]

Picking a Paid Ads Platform [6:33]

Cold Traffic Ad Strategies [4:39]

How to Create Any Marketing Material Needed [5:41]

Free Marketing Images [0:41]

Step by Step - How to Set Up an Effective Google Search Ads Campaign [11:32]

Creating Reddit Ads [7:01]

How to Create High-Converting Youtube Placement Campaigns [6:51]


SaaS Metrics Fundamentals [3:18]

Customer Tracking & Analytics [4:21]


Section Intro [0:18]

How To Run Customer Service for Maximum Happiness [6:45]

Reduced Stripe Fees [1:03]

Conquering User Churn [8:49]

The Feature Request Framework [4:18]

Save $$$ On Currency Conversion Fees [1:42]

When there is Smoke There is Fire [1:17]

Automating Back Your Time [4:57]

Buying Back Your Time [4:16]

When to Issue Refunds [2:28]

Be Mindful Of Power Users [2:50]


Section Intro [0:21]

Do Things That Don't Scale [3:20]

Why You Shouldn't Quit Your Job (Yet) [3:00]

Don't Reinvent the Wheel [2:54]

It's all About Perseverance [3:19]

You Are Not Your MRR [1:42]

Why You Don't Need to Raise Money [2:52]


Idea Generation AI

Buyer Persona AI Tool

15 In Depth Micro SaaS Ideas

50 Idea Validation Questions 

10 Landing Page Conversion Tips

Social Media Prompt Cheat Sheet

SaaS Metrics Cheat Sheet

No Code Crash Course [21:46]

Let's Build an AI Chatbot With No Code [19:25]

25 Micro SaaS Success Stories 28 [20:29]

Reddit Threads to Launch Your SaaS

So... If you're tired of...

Being tied down to a physical location.

Your 9-5 grind.

Someone telling you what to do.

And looking to...

Have the flexibility to decide your own workload.

Live a nomad lifestyle.

To gain the freedom you've always desired. 

Step-by-Step Academy Shows You How to Build a Micro SaaS That Makes Money And Earns Recurring Revenue.

How to build, scale, and profit from your own micro software as a service (SaaS) product with no funding needed. So you can achieve financial freedom.

Build a Micro SaaS Academy ($1894 Value)

FREE BONUS #1: AI Idea Generator ($99 Value)

FREE BONUS #2: AI Buyer Persona Tool ($99 Value)

FREE BONUS #3: 15 Micro SaaS Ideas ($49 Value)

FREE BONUS #4: 50 Idea Validation Questions ($29 Value)

FREE BONUS #5: 10 Essential Conversion Tips ($29 Value)

FREE BONUS #6: Social Media Prompts ($29 Value)

FREE BONUS #7: SaaS Metrics Cheat Sheet ($29 Value)

FREE BONUS #8: 28 Reddit Threads to Launch ($19 Value)

FREE BONUS #9: No Code Crash Course  ($99 Value)

FREE BONUS #10: Micro SaaS Stories ($99 Value)


WAS: $299


*Summer Sale + 60-Day Money Back Guarantee* 

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